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On 23, Mar 2011 | In | By Fateh Shams


My Role: Colorist, Online Editor
Post-production: Shoot&Post
Production: Proud Mother Pictures

I AM ELEVEN is a life-affirming global portrait of humanity at a crucial age – no longer children, not quite adults, preparing to inherit a world changing as quickly and dramatically as they are. This documentary focuses on a series of eleven-year-olds from 15 countries, each speaking in their own words and revealing the private obsessions and public concerns that animate their lives. It is simultaneously an epic survey of the similarities and distinctions between cultures and an intimate account of these young personalities finding their way in the world today.

Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey set off around the world to produce this documentary feature film and online project.

Eleven-year-olds share, in different languages their thoughts on a range of subjects issues such as love, war, global warming, music, terrorism, culture, family, happiness, religion and the future. Each of their situations allows a single glimpse into a young mind, and combine to provide a powerful insight into the future of our world. As straight up and personal as the ‘7 Up Series’, and with the comedy and honesty of ‘Spellbound’, this documentary enables us to explore an age where these ‘not quite kids, not quite teenagers’ briefly linger, between the frank openness and sometimes naivety of childhood, and the sharp and surprisingly brave wisdom and knowing of adulthood. As much as it is a story about them, it is a story with them, of what it is like to be eleven today. This documentary and presents strikingly personal portrayals of a generation exploring their take on personal and global issues. We invite you to leave comments and interact with our subjects.